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Original message posted by Sherry Chamblee on 07-25-08.

My husband and I are just starting out on our deputation to get to Japan, and we are looking for some curriculum resources. We like the Alpha-Omega or Bob Jones curriculums, but don't yet have alot of money to spend. Does anyone know of or have some leftover curriculum books that they might be able to donate to us? Even ACE paces would be helpful. We have six children, four of whom are in school this year. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Reply by Joanne on 08-04-08.

I think that you should do a google search for good used material. There are many places that sell materials. I have been in brazil as a missionary for 6 years so am not sure if all the places i used exist but a good goodgle search will find some great places. You might want to check in your area for any home school organizations. often they have curriculum fairs. They may even have ideas of others in your area who are selling curriculum. I used a mix of materials but one of the other missionary here is using Sonlight curriculum and it is very good. Hope this helps. Joanne

Reply by .Ken on 08-31-08.

Www.thislittlepiggystayshome.com http://www.usedhomeschoolbooks.com used homeschool books

Reply by 3rdyear Hs Mom Of 2 on 10-20-08.

I encourage you you check out My Father's World curriculum. www.mfwbooks.com There is a beautiful Christian world view and each year builds on the previous. It's a Charlotte Mason style of teaching filled with great books and a teachers manual that has an easy to follow, weekly schedule of what to do and how to do it. God bless you on your family's home school journey. Read your Bible and pray every day. This curriculum helps my family to do that. I have my child read aloud a lot every day and I read aloud a lot to them every day. It brings us closer together in the Lord every day. God bless you, your family and Japan

Reply by Grace on 10-20-10.

ACE -accelerated Christian Education- is well-organized homeschooling system. www.aceministries.com

Reply by NIMROT RUNESI,S.Pd on 01-18-11.

Hi iam a man fom swst timor kupang indonesia ,iam graduation from university as eligion teache and now i looking a job as a missionay ,i waantt to around tthe word toteach every body to know abaut jesus,please help me.thanks

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